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mama's artisan sweets

case study


The Client wanted to created an advertisement campaign that addressed the following problems with customer mindset during Halloween.

  1. Getting bored with typical candy options

  2. Feeling too "old" to indulge in Halloween activities

  3. Wanting promotional material that's Artistic and Fresh

2. The target audience of most bakeries is NOT children and as Halloween is primarily a holiday enjoyed by children, sales can tend to slow down . The Client wanted a way to modernize and remind adults that even though they don't have the taste buds of 10yr olds anymore that doesn't mean they have to miss out on the treats!

We aimed to give the 'Halloween treat' notion an elevated sense of maturity with using strong, young adult women in conjunction with the slogan "Halloween; Not just for candy anymore". 

We don't have to settle for bulk bags of generic candy! In a sense we wanted to visually give permission to customers that it's ok to want better flavor.. and they can find it at Mama's Artisan Sweets!


When customers think 'bakery' they typically think of cute, soft and sweet. In an effort to change the perception of this, the design team opted for an edgy dark look with deep colors and malevolentliterary, characters.

1. Lets face it we're all bored with the over priced bags of supermarket sugar... To address the "bored" problem we decided to visually pair the Clients's delicious baked goods with the excitement of Halloween. We all remember the excitement of getting dressed up and collecting the best treats throughout neighborhoods.  Our job was to take that memory and align that excitement with the Client's products. 

We chose the Macrons they are known for and worked with the owner to create a deep rich, black Macrons with a bright, bold, bloody gelatin mixture to convey the spooky season and draw the eye to the dessert. 

The effect is the culmination of the memories, dress up, excitement and a mouth watering treat that you're envious of.  

3. When Clients come to us wanting something "new" and "fresh" we tend to interpret that as "Show us/ our customers something we haven't seen before!" and "Help us stand out!". 
In this ad campaign we sought to use the Halloween cannon of dressing up in the literary character of a vampire because we really loved the idea of "Sinking your teeth into something delicious" but went for a less obvious approach to their costumes. 

With subtle nods to the vampire look and rich Macrons, we shot this in a private cemetery in Portland, Oregon. The location allowed the images to come to life and brought about an extra edge in the models. 
But, we've ALL seen the vampire in a graveyard right? So we asked ourselves what could we do for our client to really help this campaign stand out amongst their competitors...

It was Halloween after all; a time for all things creepy and spooky. Personally we immediately thought of one thing that makes 90% of consumers instantly pay attention; SPIDERS. We introduced a live Tarantula to the images to slowly crawl over the cookies and the effect was pure magic. One of our models was even willing to interact with it! Hands down, no other local bakery has this type of imagery promoting not only their incredible products but also their unique brand of adventurous and creative talent. This season, Mama's Artisan Sweets cornered the advertising market. How could they not with such delicious baked goods? 

Crawl Over
Not just for candy anymore...
Sink your Fangs
Hauntingly Delicious

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Case Study



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