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The world is driven by VISUALS.

Make sure you're putting the best images out there to represent your product or service.

SAAL DIGITAL reached out to us here at Synergy and asked us to review their new Professional Line of Photo books.


We were happy to help!

As always: Our reviews are Absolutely 100% UNPAID. 


Professional Line Photo book: 8 x 12, Spreads: matte photo paper, 28 pages

Premium gift box: Black Leather

Cover: Leather / Linen, Cover surface: Leather black,

Barcode: without barcode

Heads Up, I’ve legitimately been neck deep in a fine arts photography project for 18 months now… Days bleeding together and what felt like endless  coordinating between models, Collaborators and locations left me very little time to try and find a printer that would do all my work justice…  let alone hope to God that the quality would be worth my money.

Then out of the blue I found SAAL DIGITAL…

Sure they have an Impressive website… they seem like they operate on a solid professional foundation… so I rolled the dice, crossed my fingers and said a prayer. 

Here’s what happened…and I’ve titled my discoveries by category so jump around and see what matters most to you!

Staff/ service

From the first moment with the staff, I didn’t feel rushed, pressured or even overwhelmed. In actuality, the wonderful Mr. David would occasionally remind me that IF I needed anything, he was simply there for me. Which when you’re running one of the fastest growing design firms- having someone remind you of that is well… awesome. 

book making

“But making a photobook is hard!” “I don’t want some cheesy drag and drop template…” “I don’t know HOW to build a book.” - all these excuses can go away.  Put them in the bin because they are now useless…. 

SAAL Digital couldn’t have made the process more simple for every (and I do mean EVERY) technical level out there. Myself? I use Adobe InDesign daily, so I knew it wouldn’t be hard for me BUT- to really test them out I decided to use their very handy book building tool- which is a free download off their site. I decided to see just what “simple” meant to them…


Ummm wow! 


It was actually pretty cool. Super easy to download and install, great program layout (buttons were easy to find/ understand) and tons of options that were easy to use.  I wasn’t restricted (like some drag drop programs can be), I could place my images freely anywhere and resize them as needed! My book of 28 pages took me 40 minutes tops to create.


For those of you who are like me and don’t always find the justification in the Slightly more expensive options in the world- when it comes to SAAL…Guys… we’re wrong. After getting my book I can honestly say they are 100% worth it.

I’m talking *GASP* worth it. 

I place a crazy high standard on quality both in my work and personal life- and for them to EXCEED MY STANDARDS- is truly mind boggling. So every single penny is giving you quality far beyond the price.

turn around time

From the second I hit purchase to the moment I saw that brown box on my front porch was total MAYBE 7 days. 7 DAYS! 

(The 18 month project I first mentioned? The publishing house I went with for just the PROOF of my book takes 7-10 BUSINESS DAYS to print and then another 7-10 days for delivery… SAAL DIGITAL nailed this category. )


Literally the moment you’ve been reading for… 

My book was delivered in a super sturdy brown cardboard box. Solid start. 

Inside that, my actual book (and gift box) were inside a pouch made of a soft felt fabric to protect my purchase even further from dents and scratches. Fancy. (Made it feel like they CARED enough to protect their work- and I'm not going to lie, made me feel special too.)

Moment of truth-
I slid the gift box out the bag and was like “ Yeah…. This is incredible…”

(don’t forget to imagine a ridiculous grin on my face too)

The feel, size and texture of the leather… all super high quality and extremely well made. 

Now by this point I’m WAY too excited.
I pulled my book out, opened it to the first page an I LITERALLY GASPED! 

People… I don’t gasp.. choke sure… but gasp? No.
There were MY images- more beautiful than ever, printed on their gorgeous matte paper. 28 thick, beautiful pages of two years worth of my best work. Brought to life in one STUNNING place. Page after page it only got better.

Every single person I’ve shared this book with this week has had similar reactions!

Total honesty time: me personally in my daily life- I save a few bucks when I can, I stay in rather than go out and always love a deal… but in THIS situation I can NOT image my work printed by any other company from this day forward.

Have you ever held something and it felt beautiful in your hands?
My book FEELS beautiful. My hard work LOOKS beautiful.


From one harding working professional to another… take my advice and show off your work today using SAAL DIGITAL!


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Head over to our new friends at SAAL DIGITAL and get your own beautiful photo book from their professional line and start showing off your best work TODAY!


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SAAL Digital- Photo book professional line review



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