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Amee L. Curtis

Principle Photographer

Amee L. Curtis is the creative mind behind the fantastic genre of literary  themed Product Photography and is known for her spectacular stylized works of visual art.


Located near Portland, Oregon, this wife with a mild Dr. Pepper addiction and momma of one brilliant son, has had an extensive career spanning Theatre, Film and Television which has placed her in the direct center of the Venn diagram; 

“How to be awesome & Know lots of stuff”. 


As  a two time featured artist for the RAW 

exhibits (2016, 2018) and awarded Top 36 Entrepreneurs of  Portland (Ranked #4, 2019) her works include; Frankenstein, 

Red Riding Hood, Mad Hatter, Celebrate the Villains and now includes her first published work: NEVERLAND.

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Questions to the Author

From conception to print, did your vision roll out the way you had envisioned or did it take a wildly different shape?

For the most part I’d say this project hit many nails on the head. I have pre production doodles that are almost exact replicas of their final image counterparts. Now, every project has room for growth- after all that’s where I believe the magic lives- but I feel like Neverland came to be what it was always meant to be, full of love, beauty and talent.

Why did you pick Neverland? What was your inspiration?

I’ve always loved the concept of Neverland. Never growing up and having adventures forever. But honestly it all started with one image in my head and it grew from there. From just taking a few shots it grew into NEVERLAND- a fine Arts book spanning 18 months, 14 collaborators, 11 locations and a lot of Dr Pepper.

What was the most difficult talent to source? Mermaids? Live animals? Butterflies, jewelry, etc...

I’d have to say the underwater shots were most difficult. Personally because I am NOT an underwater photographer… and I’m not even 100% sure I’m buoyant… But when we connected with Matthew, owner of Merrowfins- he made my year by letting me know that he had the images we needed and would be happy to partner on the project!

Did you have a what you thought might be a disaster photo that turned out to be surprise gem once in the editing process?

Believe it or not, every photo selected looked fantastic to start with, then, I’d load them into the program to begin the editing and THATS when I’d start to wonder if it was a disaster. Specifically I’m referring to the butterfly hollow image with Wendy. When I brought the butterflies in, nothing matched, it looked fake and haphazard. But you just keep working and eventually you find yourself on the other side and in love with the image, wondering why you ever doubted it.

What was your most challenging scene to capture?

In terms of final image output- I’d have to say that the most intricate images to create would be the individual elements for the flying compositions. You cant just put two pictures together and then have them look like they belong. The nursery was built specifically to accommodate the flying scenes.

Your female pirate. Had you always planned on having a woman as a pirate?

No, actually I didn’t. We held casting for Neverland in Portland, OR and among the hundreds that auditioned Corey (the female pirate) showed up. When she auditioned for a pirate role- quite frankly she gave me reason to pause. Anyone that can get me to pause and re-think my plans deserves the role.

How did you source your set design and construction? Specifically the nursery?

We partnered with Taylormade Set Design- a fantastic company that sources and repurposes materials locally. The nursery was designed by the Synergy creative team and the beautiful structure was sourced and build by Alvah Taylor with Taylormade Set Design.

I understand you were the photographer, set designer, image editor, book designer, director, producer, etc... How did you do all of this??

By not sleeping and drinking a lot of Dr. Pepper!
But seriously, the most important thing that got me through this was organization. When you find yourself wearing a lot of hats in a creative project, organization will keep you from going crazy and passion for the project helps to get you through the times you DO feel crazy.

Did you ever think this wasn't going to happen?

Yes, on the nights before a big shoot and it felt like a lot. Our photoshoots where huge and included so many moving parts: transportation, food, gear, props, costumes, hair, make up, weather, etc. ALL of the departments had crews/ teams that looked to me for final approvals and it does become a lot. But every single time I was blown away by the team’s talent and commitment to the project.
Additionally, when you sit down and realize you have 1000’s of images to go through and 100+ images to edit… THAT can seem insurmountable too.

What keeps you going?

Dr. Pepper... a lot of Dr. Pepper. But in all seriousness... the passion that drives me is a big motivator to complete what I start. After all- this isn’t work, it's what I find joy in. However, even more so, is that I have a limited number of years with this body to use. I can't imagine wasting them by starting things I won’t finish… that concept is mind boggling.
Also in our household we have a saying: “Curtis’ don’t quit.”

Do you have a second book in mind and can you share with us what we can anticipate for your next release?

I do actually! It will be intelligent, heart warming and courageous. Continue to follow Synergy Design Firm to discover our next magical adventure.

How did you source Collaborators for this book?

We took a good look at elements that we knew needed to be in the book (mermaids, nursery.. etc) then looked for elements that we could naturally add (jewelry options, floral arrangements, costume design…etc) and started searching for creative artists that we admired and more importantly, held a high standard of excellence in their work. A few emails and invitations to the project later and we had our NEVERLAND family!

With so many Collaborators collaborating for this project how did you come up with a cohesive vision for each shoot?

We choose our Collaborators based on their style, artistic creativity and attention to quality. So they already aligned with the projects “look”. But when it comes to creating anything cohesive it comes down to: Attention. To. Detail. With the collaborators and the wide artistic talent available to us, we had to be very clear on the vision and direction this needed to go. Attention to detail was KEY as we shot this entire book out of sequence- so as the Darling’s journey happens we had to follow the story line precisely.