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Explore NEVERLAND and discover the magic today.

Amee L. Curtis

Principle Photographer

Amee L. Curtis is the creative mind behind the fantastic genre of literary  themed Product Photography and is known for her spectacular stylized works of visual art.


Located near Portland, Oregon, this wife with a mild Dr. Pepper addiction and momma of one brilliant son, has had an extensive career spanning Theatre, Film and Television which has placed her in the direct center of the Venn diagram; 

“How to be awesome & Know lots of stuff”. 


As  a two time featured artist for the RAW 

exhibits (2016, 2018) and awarded Top 36 Entrepreneurs of  Portland (Ranked #4, 2019) her works include; Frankenstein, 

Red Riding Hood, Mad Hatter, Celebrate the Villains and now includes her first published work: NEVERLAND.

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