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Amee L. Curtis

Lead Designer, Photographer

You know that one exhausted team member, fueled by caffeine because they were up creating beautiful things? that's this one. 

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Jessie Turner

Graphic Designer, 1st AD

This one is the mind reader! You need something? Somehow she's already thought of it and has it ready for you... 

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Cody Curtis

Technical Director

Boys and their toys... and this guy is in charge of ALL of them. Vehicles to AAA batteries he's who you go to to get the goods.

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Tammie MacAlevy

Logistics Manager

The 'real' boss. On location, this woman makes things HAPPEN! Everything runs smoothly because this lady takes no guff!

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Ainslee Smith

Social Media Manager

The real double threat if ever there was one! Gorgeous inside and out and SO talented!

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Kristen Hartley

Lead Makeup Artist

The super awesome, extremely talented queen of the make up aisle always delivers beauty to her clients with a fun side of humor! 

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Anne Sweeney

Lead Hair Stylist

Theres no stylized shoot full of hair that can't be tamed by this master of the brush.

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Maggie green

Makeup Artist

You want fun and talent on set? Maggie's your girl! 

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Corey Smith

Spec. Project Collaborator

Our Newest addition! 

This is the one that ALL ideas are bounced off of! Creative, Sassy and our Swiss army knife of talents!

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